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Thinking about hypnotherapy but
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... welcome to the Therapy Partnership's helpful website

Now providing online hypnotherapyover the Internet – from our consulting room to your home

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For some 30 years the Therapy Partnership has provided professional face-to-face hypnotherapy to thousands of clients. Now the Partnership is also offering therapy via the Internet through online services such as Skype, Facetime, Whatsap and Zoom. Which means you can now access our services directly from your home.

You are invited to explore this extensive website where you will find clear, accurate and balanced advice on hypnotherapy, explaining its benefits but also its limitations. You will find explanations about those issues where hypnotherapy can be helpful – and also when it may be contraindicated.

The Therapy Partnership is now based in West Kent offering face-to-face therapy for Sevenoakss, Swanley and Dartford as well as our online Internet services.

We offer a free, without obligation first-time consultation at our practice rooms on the outskirts of Eynsford. In addition our clients are taught self-hypnosis, a useful life-long skill and receive a free self-hypnosis CD & booklet.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss whether hypnotherapy may be appropriate to help with a personal problem phone 01322 8658

The Therapy Partnership – 01322 863580



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