Hypnotherapy Appointments and Fees - Reading, Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire

Appointments and Fees

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If you are considering hypnotherapy there are inevitably questions you will want to ask. You will also probably find it helpful to meet the therapist so you can check how you get on. That is why everyone who contacts the Therapy Partnership is offered a free initial consultation lasting about 20-30 minutes. (For more information click Free Consultation)


Each therapy session (except Smoking Cessation) – £60

Smoking cessation (single session lasting about two and a half hours) – £120 
For more detail about how to stop smoking click   HERE

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Payments can be made by cheque or in cash but the Therapy Partnership cannot process credit or debit cards.

In some cases it is possible for the Therapy Partnership to accept patients referred from GPs and/or hospital consultants, with the fees met by the NHS. This is relatively rare but you may wish to check with your GP or consultant about whether they would approve such arrangements.


Armed Services Discount
The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis has signed up to support for the Armed Forces Covenant – the nation's pledge to treat fairly those are serving or who have served in the armed force and also their families. The Therapy Partnership is therefore pleased to offer a 25 per cent., discount to those eligible.

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