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Hypnotherapy can help you cope with tinnitus


Hypnotherapy does not offer a “cure” for tinnitus but it can, with time and training, help those suffering with this condition to significantly alleviate and relieve the problem.

Which means it has the potential to help a lot of people – for almost one in five of people in the UK experience tinnitus as some stage in their lives while the charity Action on Hearing Loss estimates 10 per cent of the population is affected by some degree tinnitus every day. (See report)

Tinnitus can be caused by many different conditions, especially noise-induced hearing loss, but also infections, allergies, side-effects of medicines and ageing. There’s a long list and anyone who suspects they may have developed tinnitus should consult their doctor, possibly to be referred to a specialist.

Hypnotherapy can help in a number of ways, particularly by removing or reducing the focus of attention on the condition, in other words, by lessening awareness of the symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is particuarly good at reducing stress – often a major contributory factor in triggering tinnitus.

Tinnitus can also become a “conditioned response” as a result of past experiences and the “expectations” which these build up in the patient’s mind.  Again hypnotherapy can assist in removing unwanted and unhealthy conditioned responses.

Whatever the causes, when tinnitus first become evident it can be a very distressing, even threatening.

For some people it is relatively mild; an intermittent nuisance. However the scale can extend up to a major personal health problem, causing considerable anxiety, including fears that it the sound will become ever louder. 

It is essential anyone who experiences persistent noises, or suspects they have developed tinnitus, should make an appointment with their GP then possibly seek a referral to an audiologist or tinnitus clinic.  Certainly if you come to the Therapy Partnership to help you deal with tinnitus it will be a requirement that you must have already seen your doctor - not least to rule out the possibility of other causes of your symptoms.

However what you do NOT need to do is accept the idea your condition is untreatable or that tinnitus is “just something you will have to learn to live with.”

Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness in helping people cope with tinnitus has been confirmed by a series of research studies.   You may find it both helpful, interesting and maybe even encouraging to know more about the findings and conclusions -  so a list of some of these can be found by clicking HERE.

If you would like to find out more about whether hypnotherapy is appropriate for yourself, you can discuss the options by contacting Bill Doult through the links below and arrange a free, without obligation, initial consultation.